Top Six Features Of Kickstarter Clone

The Increasing trend for crowdfunding website

Since the web has overtaken each part of the world, it has additionally set its benchmark in crowdfunding as well. To help the general population in acquiring with cash, a group of individuals over the globe donates some amount of money to them. Few people need to give some sum however in the meantime they likewise don't want their character to be uncovered so with the assistance of crowdfunding websites they can give their cash to the penniless. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe are sophisticated crowdfunding mediums that let you raise the fund from the people across the world.

There are mostly 2 approaches to build up a crowdfunding website:

  1. Develop the entire website starting from zero.
  2. Use Kickstarter Clone or Crowdfunding script which is promptly accessible.

If you are planning to start your crowdfunding website, then option no.2 is highly recommended. Why? Because it is readily available and in addition to this they save lots of time and energy and money too. Kickstarter Clone Script holds identical options that Kickstarter holds. A client simply have to be compelled to offer the outline regarding the layout and unique alternative opportunities they have to feature on their website. Across the globe, if anybody is in need fund then crowdfunding websites are highly recommended.

Well, there are lots of website clone scripts available on the web but choosing the best one is very difficult. So, here is How to Find the Best Kickstarter Script for Your Fundraising Business?


Following are top Six features of Kickstarter Clone - A Powerful Crowdfunding Software:

1. Post Unlimited Projects:
Kickstarter Clone lets your users, who want to raise fund for their cause/event, to upload and update n-number of projects. This gives them the high potential to cope up with numerous amount of projects that are meant to raise without any future hindrances.


2. Easy Searching & Backing of Projects:
When project creators have successfully listed their projects on the crowdfunding platform, the donors have to search for it and later back it up. To make this process easy, Kickstarter Clone has integrated secure searching module that lets donors/backers to search for projects. On finding it attractive, they can easily back it up by undergoing a payment process.


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3. Highly Secured Payment Gateway:
If your website is linked to any payment gateway, then it must be highly secured. PayPal is one of all the foremost secured payment gateway among all. It eliminates all chances of theft or any piggybacking activity from any third party. Our Fundraising Software comes predefined with PayPal Gateway that gives the user uninterrupted experience of transferring the funds.


4. Share Project on Social Media:
As we all know social media is one of the significant areas that give you the opportunity to raise an ocean amount of money by spreading the word of the fundraising project. By keeping this in mind, Kickstarter Clone script has a predefined option for Backers to share the potential project on social media so that if any user is interested can raise funds too.


5. Easy Project Management for the Admin:
The admin of any website is head of the business having complete responsibility for all the projects, user, funds, etc. that is being raised over their platform. Considering this, the admin gets complete control over the projects on his website, right from uploading its definition to the final closing of the project.


6. Auto Project recommendation:
Through Auto Project recommendation feature, the users are pinged/notified about every new project that is being uploaded to your crowdfunding website by the project creator. This gives them ease of access and does not need to waste their time unnecessarily for projects.


Henceforth, Kickstarter Clone reduces your time, money, energy and other resources which are required to develop a fundraising website like Kickstarter. If any organization is planning to start their crowdfunding website, they can contact us on We support you with all the technical and other help you required for your Kickstarter Clone. We also provide customized Clone scripts as per customers requirement.