Things to avoid when customizing your own Social Networking Script

You might have a social network website that is not working properly and you are not getting the desired traffic. This is often due to common mistakes people make when customizing their Social Network Script. The number of social media sites continues to rise by seconds. Nevertheless, by ensuring a social network script site has a commercial objective, a niche area of interest and the determination to succeed on a small budget, a startup has a chance to succeed.

As most social network scripts are built on PHP, most web developers make grievous mistakes that bring all their efforts and ideas to zero. We have gone into the market and seen some of the mistakes developers make when customizing their social networking script or the reasons why you are not getting enough results and traffic in your social network website.


Here are the common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Choose a particular niche

The old thoughts that jack of all trade master of none still hold even when thinking of customizing your social networking script. In addition, the saying that your social networking website should cover all the areas of social media is FALSE. It is advisable to create a particular niche that your users can use and recognize easily. Avoid the mistake of customizing your scripts to serve all social media scripts.

  1. No Endpoint in mind

This is a critical matter that individuals and web developers neglect when customizing their scripts. They often believe they can buy a premium script, buy a domain name and host almost immediately. Before wasting a lot of time and cash into a site, take a pause and develop both a strategy for success and promotion. Building a marketable strategy and promoting procedure can be frustrating but it will be a guide to your work.

  1. Jumbled Homepage

Most people almost put all their contents on the home page. Try not to utilize an excessive number of textual styles, content or pictures to give your homepage a total turbulent look. Make it as simple as possible.

  1. Use of tiny stylish fonts

This might sound absurd, but stylish or tiny fonts are often boring to your visitors. Try to use the simplest font possible.

  1. Lengthy registration form

When customizing your Linkedin Clone ensure your registration or sign up form is as simple as possible. Never create a registration form with more than eight fields. With time, you can get more information about the user(s).

  1. Security neglect

As you customize your social network script. Please do not neglect to have proper security plans at hand. Lack of security can bring all your efforts to zero.