7 Jaw-Dropping Features of Vuetubes - A YouTube Clone

As the technology came in the forefront, the trend of online video business has been growing gradually since last few years. Moreover, the video sharing websites like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo and many more have become an essential part of a human life. As the affection of watching videos has been growing among teens and millennial, the demand of such video streaming websites is also increasing now and then. To keep pace with this flourishing demand of video sharing and uploading website, ClonesCloud took its leg forward towards fabricating a power-packed YouTube Clone - Vuetubes.

Here, we have listed out 7 breathtaking features of Vuetubes. Let’s take a look at every feature.


7 Astounding Features of YouTube Clone

1. Facile Video Uploading

Vuetubes lets you render a remarkable platform to your users where they can upload ‘X’ number of videos in their channels effortlessly without any barrier of time and place which means that users can upload videos at anytime and from any place. Moreover, videos can be uploaded using any device such as mobile, computer, laptop, tablet and many more without any obstacle.

2. Simplified Social Media Identity Verification

Vuetubes renders a breathtaking feature of social media identity verification using which users can log in. Social media identity verification makes marketers and digital specialists feel a nightmare as it becomes extraordinary web experiences for them. Additionally, you can gather the complete details about the user without asking them a single one.

3. Exhaustive Search Features

A video streaming script - Vuetubes consists of exhaustive search and filter options that enable your users to search and explore various channels, playlists and videos impeccably in no-time. Let’s take an example of the thoroughgoing search functionality integrated with the best video uploading website - Vuetubes. If you want to search a video, then you just need to enter a single keyword related to that video in the search box and press enter. Vuetubes search filters will fetch all videos related to that keyword. It makes the smooth and superb web experience for Vuetubes users.

4. Cushy Social Media Sharing

Vuetubes lets your users share various channels, playlists and videos that they like most on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Cushy sharing lineament increases the popularity of your video sharing website as more and more people will share videos on social media platforms.

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5. Highly Managed Admin Panel & Users Dashboard

This video sharing and streaming software let you provide a highly-managed admin panel CMS and user-friendly dashboard to your users that ameliorates their tasks. Admin can easily manage commission, video channels, video listing requests, video categories, language, comments, users and many more. While on the other side, users can easily create ‘X’ number of channels, playlists, and videos, upload ‘X’ number of videos on various channels, search multiple playlists and videos using advanced search and filter options. Also, they can share playlists and videos on various social media like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

6. Impeccable Management

Vuetubes brings out an excellent management of different facets of YouTube Clone that consists of the management of various aspects such as commission management, video channel management, video listing management, video tags and language management, users and sub admin management and many more. The flawless management of all such facets brings more value to Vuetubes.

7. Export Details in Various File Format

Vuetubes allows admin to export various channels, ads payment details, redeem request details, etc. with CSV and XLS format to analyze multiple information easily in no-time.

Thus, above are the 7 jaw-dropping features of Vuetubes that ease the tasks of admin as well as users.