Every YouTube Clone Should Have These Important Pages And Their Details

Various video streaming websites are already in existence and catering to the increasing demands of videos of a never-ending list of topics demanded by the people. But, YouTube has risen above all other video sharing websites resulting in the rise in the demand of YouTube like YouTube Clone in the market. Businesspeople all over the world have started deploying this clone script for their video sharing business requirements.

There are specific mandatory pages that every Youtube Clone Script should have. These pages carry different information that is crucial for every visitor who visits the site.

These pages and their information are as below:

  • Homepage:

    This is the first and foremost page of your Youtube Php Clone where the visitors will initially land. It should contain information about everything that you are and of everything you are offering. It even includes various tabs that can be visited as per the requirements of the customers.

    What to include in this?

    Here, the information about what you are, what you are offering, how you can help your customers, about your services, etc. should be put up.

  • About Us page:

    This page on your Youtube Clone Php should contain the details about the owners, about the business, etc. as the visitors are interested to know about the people who are behind the business. This page should give a brief idea about what you are, about your company history and how you are different from your competitors.

    What to include in this?

    You should include a short description of the company, owners, the staff, any unique and significant achievements if you have achieved.

  • Service page:

    The services page should include details only about the services that you offer. Explain in detail about your services and why the customers should choose you over the other competitors. Your Youtube Script Php service page should explain in detail about your services to the customers.

    What to include in this?

    Explanations of every service provided by you in bullet format, advantages of your services, links to various services, and the reasons which make you the best choice for the customers.


  • FAQs page:

    FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. Including this page will eliminate any doubts that your customers might have. People can read the questions and answers that you feel are asked you frequently.

    What to include in this?

    All those questions that you are frequently asked regarding your services and Youtube Php Script. All doubts of the customers should be cleared out.

  • Testimonials page:

    This is a place where you can boast about your Youtube Script Php. The testimonials include the fantastic and positive reviews of your platform and your services from your existing clients. This boosts the desire of the potential customers to work with you.

    What to include in this?

    Eye catchy headlines with a description of each client. You can even upload the photo of the client along with their information to make it authentic and trustworthy.

  • Contact Us page:

    In this page of your Youtube Script, you are providing the contact details about you to the customers so that they can directly contact you quickly for their requirements.

    What to include in this?

    Your contact number, the point of contact person, the address, etc. through which your potential clients can reach you easily.

  • Terms and Conditions page:

    Your Youtube Clone Open Source should have specific terms and conditions, the privacy policies, any required rules that are to be followed by your clients. Thus, having a separate page for it is advisable.

    What to include in this?

    All the rules and the guidelines that are a must to be followed by every client who wants to work on your video sharing platform.

  • Blog page:

    The blog page contains the articles written to promote the services along with a link in the article that takes the visitors to the services you are providing. It is a part of your website and is a total of all the articles written for various services.

    What to include in this?

    Include all the targeted articles along with their respective links that take the customers on the service that they need in particular.

All the pages as mentioned above are the primary level pages that are a must for every website to have. There is a list of secondary pages that are optional and can be added if the owners want it to be included on the site. Thus, if you are aiming at starting your own video sharing business by deploying Best Youtube Clone , add all these mandatory pages to give a sturdy feel to your website.