Top Six Features Of Kickstarter Clone

The Increasing trend for crowdfunding website

Since the web has overtaken each part of the world, it has additionally set its benchmark in crowdfunding as well. To help the general population in acquiring with cash, a group of individuals over the globe donates some amount of money to them. Few people need to give some sum however in the meantime they likewise don't want their character to be uncovered so with the assistance of crowdfunding websites they can give their cash to the penniless. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe are sophisticated crowdfunding mediums that let you raise the fund from the people across the world.

There are mostly 2 approaches to build up a crowdfunding website:

  1. Develop the entire website starting from zero.
  2. Use Kickstarter Clone or Crowdfunding script which is promptly accessible.

If you are planning to start your crowdfunding website, then option no.2 is highly recommended. Why? Because it is readily available and in addition to this they save lots of time and energy and money too. Kickstarter Clone Script holds identical options that Kickstarter holds. A client simply have to be compelled to offer the outline regarding the layout and unique alternative opportunities they have to feature on their website. Across the globe, if anybody is in need fund then crowdfunding websites are highly recommended.

Well, there are lots of website clone scripts available on the web but choosing the best one is very difficult. So, here is How to Find the Best Kickstarter Script for Your Fundraising Business?


Following are top Six features of Kickstarter Clone - A Powerful Crowdfunding Software:

1. Post Unlimited Projects:
Kickstarter Clone lets your users, who want to raise fund for their cause/event, to upload and update n-number of projects. This gives them the high potential to cope up with numerous amount of projects that are meant to raise without any future hindrances.


2. Easy Searching & Backing of Projects:
When project creators have successfully listed their projects on the crowdfunding platform, the donors have to search for it and later back it up. To make this process easy, Kickstarter Clone has integrated secure searching module that lets donors/backers to search for projects. On finding it attractive, they can easily back it up by undergoing a payment process.


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3. Highly Secured Payment Gateway:
If your website is linked to any payment gateway, then it must be highly secured. PayPal is one of all the foremost secured payment gateway among all. It eliminates all chances of theft or any piggybacking activity from any third party. Our Fundraising Software comes predefined with PayPal Gateway that gives the user uninterrupted experience of transferring the funds.


4. Share Project on Social Media:
As we all know social media is one of the significant areas that give you the opportunity to raise an ocean amount of money by spreading the word of the fundraising project. By keeping this in mind, Kickstarter Clone script has a predefined option for Backers to share the potential project on social media so that if any user is interested can raise funds too.


5. Easy Project Management for the Admin:
The admin of any website is head of the business having complete responsibility for all the projects, user, funds, etc. that is being raised over their platform. Considering this, the admin gets complete control over the projects on his website, right from uploading its definition to the final closing of the project.


6. Auto Project recommendation:
Through Auto Project recommendation feature, the users are pinged/notified about every new project that is being uploaded to your crowdfunding website by the project creator. This gives them ease of access and does not need to waste their time unnecessarily for projects.


Henceforth, Kickstarter Clone reduces your time, money, energy and other resources which are required to develop a fundraising website like Kickstarter. If any organization is planning to start their crowdfunding website, they can contact us on We support you with all the technical and other help you required for your Kickstarter Clone. We also provide customized Clone scripts as per customers requirement.

Groupon Clone To Empower Your Online Daily Deals Service

Customers always have the attraction towards various alluring deals, discounts, schemes, coupons, etc. while purchasing products and services online. All these are ways through which you can attract the customers towards your products and services. This initialized the demand for more daily deal platforms over the web. Websites such as Groupon have gained tremendous popularity nowadays as they serve a diverse range of deals and discounts and as a consequence, there is a huge demand for Groupon scripts and themes.

Groupon Clone script can help you create your very own daily deal site with deals and discounts of products according to your choice. You can also allow users to submit their deals, connect with social networks, and add payment gateways for the smooth functioning of buy and sell transactions.


DealzGo- A supreme Groupon Clone Script

  • DealzGo is a powerful online deal marketplace software that lets you get started with your own Deals Website script in the same way as Groupon.
  • Online dealing with products and services by offering schemes, discounts or coupons always has been the center attraction of the customers.
  • To help start-ups, entrepreneurs and business organizations with getting started with their own online deal business, here is a ready-made and superior Groupon Clone.

Embellishments of the Groupon Clone Script

DealzGo is built with robust framework and technologies. It has amazing features those are divided into 3 broad categories:

Common Features

  • Email and Dashboard Notifications
  • Paypal Standard Payment
  • Newsletters
  • Help Tool-Tip
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Responsive Design

Admin Features

  • Highly Managed Admin Panel
  • High-end Admin Panel CMS
  • Commission Management
  • Deals Management
  • User Management
  • Deal Orders Management

User Features

  • Login with Facebook
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Deal Preferences
  • Favorite Deals
  • User wallet
  • My Orders (i.e. Purchase Deals)

These are the highlights of the deep-rooted best features with which our Groupon Clone - DealzGo is embedded. These are the best-inbuilt features that you will surely love in your Group Buying script, and it will be the smartest way for you to rule over the social networking industry.

Groupon Clone Script built with Strapping Technologies

  • DealzGo is a Daily Deal Script that is built on the robust framework of current technologies like PHP and MySql.
  • Besides, the framework consists of various modules that are pre-tested for quality to guarantee you an error-free start-up.
  • Being open-source languages, these technologies make our open deals website script highly strong and scalable that is capable of any customization you want to implement to stand out in the market.
  • In addition to this, the script consists of various other technologies like Ajax, HTML5 CSS, etc. that surround the script to let you experience high user-end experience.

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We assure you of the best services that will spread a red carpet for you as we believe in delivering the best Groupon Clone script and not just promising

Get started with your Groupon Clone- DealzGo with us! Act fast and reach us soon at

7 Jaw-Dropping Features of Vuetubes - A YouTube Clone

As the technology came in the forefront, the trend of online video business has been growing gradually since last few years. Moreover, the video sharing websites like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo and many more have become an essential part of a human life. As the affection of watching videos has been growing among teens and millennial, the demand of such video streaming websites is also increasing now and then. To keep pace with this flourishing demand of video sharing and uploading website, ClonesCloud took its leg forward towards fabricating a power-packed YouTube Clone - Vuetubes.

Here, we have listed out 7 breathtaking features of Vuetubes. Let’s take a look at every feature.


7 Astounding Features of YouTube Clone

1. Facile Video Uploading

Vuetubes lets you render a remarkable platform to your users where they can upload ‘X’ number of videos in their channels effortlessly without any barrier of time and place which means that users can upload videos at anytime and from any place. Moreover, videos can be uploaded using any device such as mobile, computer, laptop, tablet and many more without any obstacle.

2. Simplified Social Media Identity Verification

Vuetubes renders a breathtaking feature of social media identity verification using which users can log in. Social media identity verification makes marketers and digital specialists feel a nightmare as it becomes extraordinary web experiences for them. Additionally, you can gather the complete details about the user without asking them a single one.

3. Exhaustive Search Features

A video streaming script - Vuetubes consists of exhaustive search and filter options that enable your users to search and explore various channels, playlists and videos impeccably in no-time. Let’s take an example of the thoroughgoing search functionality integrated with the best video uploading website - Vuetubes. If you want to search a video, then you just need to enter a single keyword related to that video in the search box and press enter. Vuetubes search filters will fetch all videos related to that keyword. It makes the smooth and superb web experience for Vuetubes users.

4. Cushy Social Media Sharing

Vuetubes lets your users share various channels, playlists and videos that they like most on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Cushy sharing lineament increases the popularity of your video sharing website as more and more people will share videos on social media platforms.

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5. Highly Managed Admin Panel & Users Dashboard

This video sharing and streaming software let you provide a highly-managed admin panel CMS and user-friendly dashboard to your users that ameliorates their tasks. Admin can easily manage commission, video channels, video listing requests, video categories, language, comments, users and many more. While on the other side, users can easily create ‘X’ number of channels, playlists, and videos, upload ‘X’ number of videos on various channels, search multiple playlists and videos using advanced search and filter options. Also, they can share playlists and videos on various social media like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

6. Impeccable Management

Vuetubes brings out an excellent management of different facets of YouTube Clone that consists of the management of various aspects such as commission management, video channel management, video listing management, video tags and language management, users and sub admin management and many more. The flawless management of all such facets brings more value to Vuetubes.

7. Export Details in Various File Format

Vuetubes allows admin to export various channels, ads payment details, redeem request details, etc. with CSV and XLS format to analyze multiple information easily in no-time.

Thus, above are the 7 jaw-dropping features of Vuetubes that ease the tasks of admin as well as users.

Things to avoid when customizing your own Social Networking Script

You might have a social network website that is not working properly and you are not getting the desired traffic. This is often due to common mistakes people make when customizing their Social Network Script. The number of social media sites continues to rise by seconds. Nevertheless, by ensuring a social network script site has a commercial objective, a niche area of interest and the determination to succeed on a small budget, a startup has a chance to succeed.

As most social network scripts are built on PHP, most web developers make grievous mistakes that bring all their efforts and ideas to zero. We have gone into the market and seen some of the mistakes developers make when customizing their social networking script or the reasons why you are not getting enough results and traffic in your social network website.


Here are the common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Choose a particular niche

The old thoughts that jack of all trade master of none still hold even when thinking of customizing your social networking script. In addition, the saying that your social networking website should cover all the areas of social media is FALSE. It is advisable to create a particular niche that your users can use and recognize easily. Avoid the mistake of customizing your scripts to serve all social media scripts.

  1. No Endpoint in mind

This is a critical matter that individuals and web developers neglect when customizing their scripts. They often believe they can buy a premium script, buy a domain name and host almost immediately. Before wasting a lot of time and cash into a site, take a pause and develop both a strategy for success and promotion. Building a marketable strategy and promoting procedure can be frustrating but it will be a guide to your work.

  1. Jumbled Homepage

Most people almost put all their contents on the home page. Try not to utilize an excessive number of textual styles, content or pictures to give your homepage a total turbulent look. Make it as simple as possible.

  1. Use of tiny stylish fonts

This might sound absurd, but stylish or tiny fonts are often boring to your visitors. Try to use the simplest font possible.

  1. Lengthy registration form

When customizing your Linkedin Clone ensure your registration or sign up form is as simple as possible. Never create a registration form with more than eight fields. With time, you can get more information about the user(s).

  1. Security neglect

As you customize your social network script. Please do not neglect to have proper security plans at hand. Lack of security can bring all your efforts to zero.

What to Buy a Domain? Here is How to choose best websites marketplace

Flippa Clone is an online market script that enables you to set up a buy and sell website market script easily without too much hustle. You are able to quickly set up a marketplace where you can be able to link the various buyers and sellers. You will then be able to receive a listing fee from the seller and link the two after conducting a thorough verification process. When a buyer wants to buy a domain, he or she communicates with the seller through a private messaging setup that is available from flippa clone script.


Once they agree and are ready to transact, the buyer and seller will then transact over the provided payment platform and in the case of flippa clone, they will transact via PayPal. When choosing a Website Marketplace Script for your website requirement, you should check the following.

Private Messaging Support

When you want to buy a website, you will require a direct communication with the seller and therefore, you have to make sure that the marketplace you are buying from has a support for a private communication.


Secure & Convenient Payment Method

You want to transact on a secure payment platform, and so you should ensure that the platform provided is secure. Flippa clone provides the best and secure method, so watch out for a marketplace that is associated with Flippa Clone. You will also want to ensure that you can conveniently pay for the website without so much hustle. Therefore, use a clone script that has a support for the most convenient payment channel like PayPal.


Ease of Use & Friendly Interface

You should go for a marketplace that allows you to sign up quickly via other platforms like social media. Avoid the hustle of having to fill all the details. Go for the easy signup method where you can log in via social media accounts. The marketplace should also be friendly. If the interface is not friendly enough, you will have a bad experience, and therefore you should go for a platform, that you find easy and comfortable to use. With Flippa clone script you will be able to login via social media platform and the user interface is friendly.


Good Listing & Classification

Select a website marketplace script that allows you to easily find what you are looking for. This is a marketplace with proper listing, and everything is done with classification. Here it is easy to find the specific domain you are looking for. Avoid a script where you have to go through so many names that are not in any order. To simplify your experience, Flippa Clone script comes with an easy- to- find platform. It utilizes a good search engine that can search based on specific keyword or a specific key phrase.


With flippa clone script, you will have a nice experience and enjoy great flexibility because you can set up an account using social media data and can also pay using the PayPal payment gateway. Flippa clone is simply the best.

StaysBnB - The Result Oriented Airbnb Clone Script With In-built Features

Airbnb clone is a ready to deploy platform that allows businesses in the vacation, rental and accommodation industry to jump start in building a strong business website. The travel and tourism industry is proliferating, and any business that wishes to prosper in this area must go online. The technology deployed and features of your website should give your rental business a competitive edge based on the features that a travel booking business deploys. StaysBnB is an ideal Airbnb Clone for businesses in bnb industry.

Designed by ClonesCloud, StaysBnB offers great in-depth admin panel that comes with smart features to enable the admin monitor several reports. The clients also will have easy to use interface that has value-added features such as search properties, filter options, instant booking and many more features. All these features have been developed in the StaysBnB - Airbnb Clone with the user in mind and are guaranteed to give your guest a nice UX.


Reasons why StaysBnB is good for your business

The features that make Airbnb clone script best resource include the following:

Saves you on Time and Resources

By deciding to get the Airbnb Clone, the entrepreneurs get enough time to focus on other essential functions instead of spending a lot of time in building a website. The best Airbnb Clone Script comes ready with several features therefore little expertise is needed. The business can, therefore, save on cost that would be used outsourcing expertise.

StaysBnB can be Customized

The Admin can customize the platform to suit any particular needs unique to the business. This means that the users can be able to get the most desired touch and feel by personalizing their portal. Unlike other products, Airbnb clone is built to fit any environment, and the functionalities are easy to customize to give the business the best experience. If the user wants to add features, they have all the rights to do so.

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StaysBnB Clone is Multilingual

Airbnb clone can support various languages and therefore the business needs not to worry about the language barrier issues. The guests can be able to select the language they want to view your website on, and therefore you are guaranteed that you won't lose business because of the language barrier.

Integrates with Social Media

The Airbnb Clone Script gives you extra features such as the ability to integrate with social media, and therefore you can market your business quickly and still be able to share with your customers any news feed. The system also comes with email communication feature ready to use so that the business can be able to keep in touch with guests and the staff.

If you are in tours and travel industry, you have an excellent opportunity to take your business to the next level by making use of StaysBnB the result oriented Airbnb clone script in the market.

What to Look for in an Airbnb Clone Script

Airbnb is one of the most popular websites today. It allows travelers to find a rental space even before they get to their destination. The rental space portal has become so popular that a lot of businesses want to copy its success. One way to ensure you get your share of the market is through the use of an Airbnb clone script.

There’s a boom in the vacation rental industry today, and more people prefer renting a room or a villa instead of booking a room at a hotel. While Airbnb has a significant share of the market, there’s still room for small players. All you need is a good Airbnb script that will allow you to connect travelers with property owners.


A vacation rental site is similar to a hotel booking website. The only difference is that the properties listed on the vacation rental sites have different owners. They join the site so that they can rent it out to others.

The best airbnb clone script will provide excellent user experience. Navigating the site is easy as long as you have the right script. When choosing an airbnb clone script, you should consider the features you want to the website to have. It should also have a secure payment system so that consumers will be at ease in using the website to book vacation rentals.

Features of Airbnb Clone Script

It is important to find a PHP Airbnb Clone Script that has all the features you need in a vacation rental site. Some features can make or break the success of your travel portal. Some of the features that you should look for include social network sharing, calendars settings, Google analytics, dispute management system, and integrated Google Maps, just to name a few.

Easy to navigate Airbnb Clone Script

The holiday book script must make it easy for property owners and consumers to browse through the different pages of the website. If they can’t find what they are looking for, users will just go away and look for another website where they can rent a room or villa.

It is important that the user interface is clean and not cluttered. The steps that users take must be clear, from the time they register for an account to the checkout process. It is also important that everything works. People will be turned off with a travel booking script that leads them to an error. You should also make sure that the call to action buttons are placed in strategic areas. Those way users are able to notice and click them right away.

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When it comes to finding the right Airbnb clone script, it is important that you choose one that’s developed by a reputable developer. You should also be able to customize the script without the help of a programmer. With the use of a user-friendly script, you can start building your vacation rentals empire as soon as possible. Such script is offered by the ClonesCloud and if you want to check out the features then drop us a line at