Alibaba Clone Script: Your Companion To Quick-start Marketplace Business

Today, the eCommerce business is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Famous eCommerce website such as Alibaba, Amazon, Groupon, etc. are some of the eCommerce websites which are popular among the people. It is observed that before buying any product, people check online than going to the local market for shopping. The primary reason behind the increasing trend of the eCommerce Softwares is because they provide amazing discounts on various products which helps them in attracting new customers quickly. For developing an eCommerce website is one of the challenging tasks these days. The scratch website development requires a lot of time, money, and other resources which every startup business organization cannot afford the cost of the same. Thus, Alibaba Clone Script was developed.

Alibaba Clone script is one of the smartest and quickest ways to develop an eCommerce Software. Furthermore, the Alibaba script is loaded with all the features which are required in an Ecommerce Script. Additionally, the ECommerce Clone Script is robust enough to handle any sort of customization on it. Moreover, you can add as well as delete any features from the Alibaba Clone script. For the startup, Alibaba script is the best way to quick-start the eCommerce business. Below are some of the highlights of Alibaba Clone script:


How can Alibaba Clone script be the Companion to quick-start a Marketplace business?

  1. Latest Technology Integration:
    Using the old and outdated technologies to develop the eCommerce website will make it vulnerable, and you may also face huge data and financial loss as well. Keeping the security point in mind, Alibaba script is developed using the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, etc. These technologies make your eCommerce Software strong enough to handle any kind of technological changes that are happening on a daily basis. In addition, it helps your site in dealing with a load of traffic as well.

  2. Mobile Compatibility:
    According to research, it was found that most of the traffic over the internet comes from the smartphones and mobile phones. People are addicted to access any website from their mobile phones than from the laptops, tablets, and personal computers. The main reason behind the increasing trend of smartphones is because they are easy to carry and compact with the design. Noting this point, ECommerce Clone Script is designed in a manner that, your eCommerce website can be easily accessed from the smartphones and mobile phones as well. The mobile compatibility helps you in gaining a storm of traffic on your eCommerce Software.

  3. Provides Complete Security:
    Alibaba Clone script provide complete protection to both data and all the financial transaction as well. For the data security, Alibaba Clone script comes with a highly managed admin panel. The admin is a person responsible for managing the whole E-commerce Script. He can track every minute movements that are happening on your eCommerce Software. He can also make changes in your eCommerce website if required. For the financial security, Alibaba Clone script is featured with PayPal as its default payment gateway. PayPal is a standard payment gateway which is developed using the highly secure encryption algorithm which shields all the financial transactions that are happening on your eCommerce website.

These were some of the highlights of Alibaba Clone script which explains how it can make your task easy while starting the Marketplace website. alibaba script saves a lot of time, money, and other resources which are required in developing the Ecommerce Script. The website development becomes fun if Alibaba Clone script is also included in it.

Alibaba Clone Script: Your B2B Marketplace Success Element

B2B marketplaces are now developing at a rapid pace in the market. The businesses are currently trading with each other to avail the materials that they need to produce the finished products. This B2B trading has emerged as a whole new buying and selling platform to take the benefits of. Thus, websites like Alibaba have plunged into the industry to cater to the requirements of the businesses. Numerous entrepreneurs throughout the world have started deploying Alibaba Clone Script for bringing the business houses together on a common platform and accelerate their business trade.

Let us now see why Alibaba Clone Script is the success element for your B2B marketplace success:

  • Zero cost promotion:

Any business whether online or offline needs to be promoted to create its awareness to drive in more traffic. But when the B2B Marketplace Script is in the picture, the business promotion takes place automatically as your clients will be the other business houses who will register on your platform to sell and buy materials for their business. Even your clients’ businesses will get a boost through their free advertising among the other businesses present on your platform.

  • Huge network building:

As all the business houses, irrespective of their industry, their size, and their target markets register on your Alibaba Clone Open Source, and a vast network gets built up automatically as this business houses come into contact with each other. Various business houses from multiple different fields connect on your B2B platform, and thus, exchanges of goods, services, ideas, etc. takes place. This results in a massive network getting built up creating a win-win situation for all the business houses which are a part of this globally spread B2B marketplace. This has enormous benefits for the businesses as they can get everything they need in their business from this platform.


  • Elimination of physical boundaries:

A B2b Php Script eliminates all the physical barriers between the countries by connecting the numerous business houses on a common platform. No physical boundary can restrict the exchange of goods and services between your clients irrespective of the country they are located in. They can join hands on your B2B marketplace and gain benefits of the products and services that they are in need of.

  • Reduction in operational costs:

B2B Script Open Source reduces other operational costs as the business houses get everything under one roof without searching for it. Your clients do not need to advertise their business as this is automatically happening. Even you as the owner of the platform do not need to spend money on advertising as your clients will bring in potential clients on your platform. This way, your reputation will build up, and you can become a renowned name in the field of a B2B marketplace.

All the above-discussed points directly point towards Alibaba Clone Script as the only success element that leads to the success of your B2B website business. Therefore, as an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a very lucrative field for you to get started with your company and earn handsomely by catering to the needs of other business houses. Serving the other business houses will enhance your platform and let you earn continuously and that too huge amount of profits!

Every YouTube Clone Should Have These Important Pages And Their Details

Various video streaming websites are already in existence and catering to the increasing demands of videos of a never-ending list of topics demanded by the people. But, YouTube has risen above all other video sharing websites resulting in the rise in the demand of YouTube like YouTube Clone in the market. Businesspeople all over the world have started deploying this clone script for their video sharing business requirements.

There are specific mandatory pages that every Youtube Clone Script should have. These pages carry different information that is crucial for every visitor who visits the site.

These pages and their information are as below:

  • Homepage:

    This is the first and foremost page of your Youtube Php Clone where the visitors will initially land. It should contain information about everything that you are and of everything you are offering. It even includes various tabs that can be visited as per the requirements of the customers.

    What to include in this?

    Here, the information about what you are, what you are offering, how you can help your customers, about your services, etc. should be put up.

  • About Us page:

    This page on your Youtube Clone Php should contain the details about the owners, about the business, etc. as the visitors are interested to know about the people who are behind the business. This page should give a brief idea about what you are, about your company history and how you are different from your competitors.

    What to include in this?

    You should include a short description of the company, owners, the staff, any unique and significant achievements if you have achieved.

  • Service page:

    The services page should include details only about the services that you offer. Explain in detail about your services and why the customers should choose you over the other competitors. Your Youtube Script Php service page should explain in detail about your services to the customers.

    What to include in this?

    Explanations of every service provided by you in bullet format, advantages of your services, links to various services, and the reasons which make you the best choice for the customers.


  • FAQs page:

    FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. Including this page will eliminate any doubts that your customers might have. People can read the questions and answers that you feel are asked you frequently.

    What to include in this?

    All those questions that you are frequently asked regarding your services and Youtube Php Script. All doubts of the customers should be cleared out.

  • Testimonials page:

    This is a place where you can boast about your Youtube Script Php. The testimonials include the fantastic and positive reviews of your platform and your services from your existing clients. This boosts the desire of the potential customers to work with you.

    What to include in this?

    Eye catchy headlines with a description of each client. You can even upload the photo of the client along with their information to make it authentic and trustworthy.

  • Contact Us page:

    In this page of your Youtube Script, you are providing the contact details about you to the customers so that they can directly contact you quickly for their requirements.

    What to include in this?

    Your contact number, the point of contact person, the address, etc. through which your potential clients can reach you easily.

  • Terms and Conditions page:

    Your Youtube Clone Open Source should have specific terms and conditions, the privacy policies, any required rules that are to be followed by your clients. Thus, having a separate page for it is advisable.

    What to include in this?

    All the rules and the guidelines that are a must to be followed by every client who wants to work on your video sharing platform.

  • Blog page:

    The blog page contains the articles written to promote the services along with a link in the article that takes the visitors to the services you are providing. It is a part of your website and is a total of all the articles written for various services.

    What to include in this?

    Include all the targeted articles along with their respective links that take the customers on the service that they need in particular.

All the pages as mentioned above are the primary level pages that are a must for every website to have. There is a list of secondary pages that are optional and can be added if the owners want it to be included on the site. Thus, if you are aiming at starting your own video sharing business by deploying Best Youtube Clone , add all these mandatory pages to give a sturdy feel to your website.

How eCommerce Script Makes The Website Development Task Easy?

Today, eCommerce is considered one of the most popular businesses of all the time. These days, people tend to buy their belongings online than going to the market. The main reason behind the success of the eCommerce business is, they provide the premium quality products at a very reasonable price. Moreover, they offer attractive deals and discounts on every product which help them in gaining and attracting millions of new users to their platforms. Amazon, Alibaba, Groupon are some of the famous eCommerce websites who are also competitors of each other.

To develop an eCommerce website from scratch, you will need a lot of time, money, and other resources which are required for the same. But not every business organization can afford the cost of scratch website development. To resolve this problem, eCommerce script or eCommerce Clone script was developed. eCommerce Script is featured with all the essential features that are required to develop an eCommerce Software. Moreover, you can also customize your eCommerce website as per your need. In order to quickstart your eCommerce business, eCommerce Clone script is the best option to go. Using eCommerce Script, every website developer follows a simple website development process which helps them in developing a robust eCommerce Software for their customers.


How Professionals develop an eCommerce website Utilizing eCommerce script?

  1. Requirement gathering:

Whenever any client visit to the website developer, the first thing that he/she does is, gathers all the information from them. They ask several questions which help them in gaining a lot of idea about his/her client and their business. By performing this step, the developer will also get the complete picture of the client's demand and the layout of the website.

  1. Analysis and Coding:

Once the developer has all the required information about the client's requirement, the next thing he does is analyze all the details given by the client. On the basis of the client's needs, he starts coding his eCommerce website using the eCommerce Clone script. As the Ecommerce Script is readily available, the developer does not need to add extra effort in developing your eCommerce your business.

  1. Testing and Deploying:

Once the website is ready, then come the testing part. The developer tests the website by passing through various conditions. These conditions are capable enough to check the quality and accuracy level of the website. Once the website fulfills all the requirements, the developer finally delivers the website to the client.

This was a simple website development process which every website developer follows while developing an eCommerce Software using the eCommerce Clone script. For the startups and first-time entrepreneurs who are planning to quick-start their eCommerce business for them eCommerce Clone script is the best option. Website development becomes easy if eCommerce script is also included in it.

7 Advantages of SoundCloud Clone and how you can make full use of it.

As a music artist, whether you will be successful or not depends on the web. Not literally on the internet! It's just that how much you are demanded in terms of on-demand music. People have now entirely turned towards on-demand music. They do not have the feasibility to, especially spare time to listen to music. Hence, they want music on their fingertips while working, exercising, gymming, celebrating festivals, even to describe their moods and various other dimensions of life. If you can serve the global pool of audiences with your on-demand music services, you will be in the good books of the audiences and will harvest long-term profits. 

Aligning with this demand for music, the popularity of audio streaming software has always seen great days. Even at MintTM, we have kept pace with this trend by developing a feature rich SoundCloud Clone - Soundeed which is a premium music portal script that will give an edge to gain the competitive advantage over the music market. Now have a look at seven advantageous facts why it is an alluring opportunity for as an entrepreneur: 

  1. Utterly customizable and source codes:

It lets you play with your audio sharing script entirely to let you design your game of online music portal. You can develop it the way you want to by including all the features that you wish to for being a magnet that will attract the users with its extraordinary features. 

  1. SEO friendly script:

Every business wants to rank in the first place in the competition. When it comes to online popularity, search engine optimization is the lifeline that has to be used to rank number one. To have the top listing is the breakthrough for gaining acclamation for your services and increase the number of walk-ins of users our music portal script is the best choice. 

  1. Ubiquitous demand:

Music is omnipresent. As a consequence, audio sharing software are also universally demanded. These scripts are highly demanded. It has a global scope so catering to the needs of such massive users can be the most profitable deal. 

  1. Saver of resources:

Gone are those days when businesses used to invest bulky in developing a whole new website from scratch. Now, this audio streaming software are the complete disparity with those initial stages of developing a site. Our SoundCloud clone - Soundeed is ready to use which in turn revolves around for saving all your means- money, time, energy and efforts of reinventing the wheel. 

  1. Revenue generation tool:

Universal demand, ready to launch, customizable and power packed with the latest technologies- all these are the most necessary ingredients for generating continuous cash in-flow for your business in on-demand music. Our music portal script is a full package made out of all these ingredients that creates constant cash flow for your business. 

  1. Houses powerful technologies:

To give stone breaking end-user experiences to your users, you should opt for our audio sharing script. Justifying this, it is built with dominant technologies like MySql, PHP, Ajax, CSS, HTML5. The framework assures you of an error-free startup as it is divided into various modules that are pre-tested for quality. 

  1. Produces favorable business opportunities:

As it is one of its kind in the market, it is like the magic wand which will bring you a good fortune by creating significant business opportunities for you in the market. You will never regret choosing Soundeed - our supreme SoundCloud Clone.


All these can be yours. Just plunge into this musical world by tuning with us at, and we assure you of a long-term relationship. We even guarantee you that you will love this music sharing website!

Top Six Features Of Kickstarter Clone

The Increasing trend for crowdfunding website

Since the web has overtaken each part of the world, it has additionally set its benchmark in crowdfunding as well. To help the general population in acquiring with cash, a group of individuals over the globe donates some amount of money to them. Few people need to give some sum however in the meantime they likewise don't want their character to be uncovered so with the assistance of crowdfunding websites they can give their cash to the penniless. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe are sophisticated crowdfunding mediums that let you raise the fund from the people across the world.

There are mostly 2 approaches to build up a crowdfunding website:

  1. Develop the entire website starting from zero.
  2. Use Kickstarter Clone or Crowdfunding script which is promptly accessible.

If you are planning to start your crowdfunding website, then option no.2 is highly recommended. Why? Because it is readily available and in addition to this they save lots of time and energy and money too. Kickstarter Clone Script holds identical options that Kickstarter holds. A client simply have to be compelled to offer the outline regarding the layout and unique alternative opportunities they have to feature on their website. Across the globe, if anybody is in need fund then crowdfunding websites are highly recommended.

Well, there are lots of website clone scripts available on the web but choosing the best one is very difficult. So, here is How to Find the Best Kickstarter Script for Your Fundraising Business?


Following are top Six features of Kickstarter Clone - A Powerful Crowdfunding Software:

1. Post Unlimited Projects:
Kickstarter Clone lets your users, who want to raise fund for their cause/event, to upload and update n-number of projects. This gives them the high potential to cope up with numerous amount of projects that are meant to raise without any future hindrances.


2. Easy Searching & Backing of Projects:
When project creators have successfully listed their projects on the crowdfunding platform, the donors have to search for it and later back it up. To make this process easy, Kickstarter Clone has integrated secure searching module that lets donors/backers to search for projects. On finding it attractive, they can easily back it up by undergoing a payment process.


Don't miss to read this The Complete Guide for Beginners To Kickstart a Crowdfunding Platform


3. Highly Secured Payment Gateway:
If your website is linked to any payment gateway, then it must be highly secured. PayPal is one of all the foremost secured payment gateway among all. It eliminates all chances of theft or any piggybacking activity from any third party. Our Fundraising Software comes predefined with PayPal Gateway that gives the user uninterrupted experience of transferring the funds.


4. Share Project on Social Media:
As we all know social media is one of the significant areas that give you the opportunity to raise an ocean amount of money by spreading the word of the fundraising project. By keeping this in mind, Kickstarter Clone script has a predefined option for Backers to share the potential project on social media so that if any user is interested can raise funds too.


5. Easy Project Management for the Admin:
The admin of any website is head of the business having complete responsibility for all the projects, user, funds, etc. that is being raised over their platform. Considering this, the admin gets complete control over the projects on his website, right from uploading its definition to the final closing of the project.


6. Auto Project recommendation:
Through Auto Project recommendation feature, the users are pinged/notified about every new project that is being uploaded to your crowdfunding website by the project creator. This gives them ease of access and does not need to waste their time unnecessarily for projects.


Henceforth, Kickstarter Clone reduces your time, money, energy and other resources which are required to develop a fundraising website like Kickstarter. If any organization is planning to start their crowdfunding website, they can contact us on We support you with all the technical and other help you required for your Kickstarter Clone. We also provide customized Clone scripts as per customers requirement.

Groupon Clone To Empower Your Online Daily Deals Service

Customers always have the attraction towards various alluring deals, discounts, schemes, coupons, etc. while purchasing products and services online. All these are ways through which you can attract the customers towards your products and services. This initialized the demand for more daily deal platforms over the web. Websites such as Groupon have gained tremendous popularity nowadays as they serve a diverse range of deals and discounts and as a consequence, there is a huge demand for Groupon scripts and themes.

Groupon Clone script can help you create your very own daily deal site with deals and discounts of products according to your choice. You can also allow users to submit their deals, connect with social networks, and add payment gateways for the smooth functioning of buy and sell transactions.


DealzGo- A supreme Groupon Clone Script

  • DealzGo is a powerful online deal marketplace software that lets you get started with your own Deals Website script in the same way as Groupon.
  • Online dealing with products and services by offering schemes, discounts or coupons always has been the center attraction of the customers.
  • To help start-ups, entrepreneurs and business organizations with getting started with their own online deal business, here is a ready-made and superior Groupon Clone.

Embellishments of the Groupon Clone Script

DealzGo is built with robust framework and technologies. It has amazing features those are divided into 3 broad categories:

Common Features

  • Email and Dashboard Notifications
  • Paypal Standard Payment
  • Newsletters
  • Help Tool-Tip
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Responsive Design

Admin Features

  • Highly Managed Admin Panel
  • High-end Admin Panel CMS
  • Commission Management
  • Deals Management
  • User Management
  • Deal Orders Management

User Features

  • Login with Facebook
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Deal Preferences
  • Favorite Deals
  • User wallet
  • My Orders (i.e. Purchase Deals)

These are the highlights of the deep-rooted best features with which our Groupon Clone - DealzGo is embedded. These are the best-inbuilt features that you will surely love in your Group Buying script, and it will be the smartest way for you to rule over the social networking industry.

Groupon Clone Script built with Strapping Technologies

  • DealzGo is a Daily Deal Script that is built on the robust framework of current technologies like PHP and MySql.
  • Besides, the framework consists of various modules that are pre-tested for quality to guarantee you an error-free start-up.
  • Being open-source languages, these technologies make our open deals website script highly strong and scalable that is capable of any customization you want to implement to stand out in the market.
  • In addition to this, the script consists of various other technologies like Ajax, HTML5 CSS, etc. that surround the script to let you experience high user-end experience.

Take a look at these Seven Advantages Of Groupon Clone Script And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

We assure you of the best services that will spread a red carpet for you as we believe in delivering the best Groupon Clone script and not just promising

Get started with your Groupon Clone- DealzGo with us! Act fast and reach us soon at